Maps Speedometer

displays your speed
in Google Navigation

What is Maps Speedometer?

It's an easy-to-use, elegant Android application to display a speedometer in Google Maps or any other app of your choice!

You sometimes ride your car or grab your bike. You regularly use Google Maps (or Google Navigation) for navigation on your Android device. And you have been searching for a feature to show your speed in Google Navigation or Google Maps on your Android device, but you were unable to find it? Here's the thing: you won't find it! Sad but true: a feature to display your speed in Google Maps (or Google Navigation) is not present. But we are here to help you out!

We decided to develop a simple mobile application to show a speedometer in Google Maps (or Google Navigation). After the last update, Maps Speedometer can be activated for every app you want. It displays a small overlay with your speed in an elegant black box on the left side of your phone's screen. It automatically shows up as soon as Google Maps (or Google Navigation) is launched.

This is what Maps Speedometer for Android looks like!

How does it work?

Visit Google Play Store to download Maps Speedometer to your Android device. After downloading and installing, launch the app. The home screen appears, you can change your settings here and choose in which apps you want Maps Speedometer to show up. Maps Speedometer will show and hide automatically. For more detailed instructions, visit 'How to use'.

Maps Speedometer screenshots

Click an image below for a larger view.

Maps Speedometer screenshot 1 Maps Speedometer screenshot 2 Maps Speedometer screenshot 3 Maps Speedometer screenshot 4 Maps Speedometer screenshot 5 Maps Speedometer screenshot 6

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View and download the app at Google Play.
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  • No internet access needed
  • Shows and hides automatically
  • Temporary-hide function
  • Can also be used with other apps
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